Welcome to Colorado Tech Weekly!

After 300 weeks (That’s almost 6 years!) as a blog series on ScottPantall.com, Colorado Tech Weekly now is its own website! Before I get into why I did this, let’s first dig in to what this means to you.

What will be the same…

Colorado Tech Weekly will continue to deliver the top 10 technology stories of the past week and the best upcoming local tech events every Monday morning that you can get via RSS, by email or by visiting this website.

What will be different…

Colorado Tech Weekly will have occasional features on the people, places and organizations that make up the Colorado Tech Community.

There is a Colorado Tech Weekly Patreon with the following benefits for Patrons:

  • A daily news email for patrons at the News Hound level
  • Early access to a Quarterly Guide for patrons at the analyst level
  • Goals set up to celebrate the Colorado Tech community and create a new and improved Colorado Tech podcast.

Since Colorado Tech Weekly is no longer going to be on ScottPantall.com, other contributors can contribute to, and one day take over editorial control of, Colorado Tech Weekly.

Why give Colorado Tech Weekly its own website?

I started Colorado Tech Weekly because I wanted to stay up-to-date with the Colorado tech industry while I earned my Computer Science degree so that when I finished my degree I would know where I wanted to work. I also wanted to get my name out there so that when the time came, I would be known as not just another entry-level developer but as a knowledgeable, engaged member of the Colorado Tech community. It worked!

Now I want to take the focus off of me and truly make it another part of the Colorado Tech community. I’d like to add contributors and allow them to promote themselves as they promote and grow the Colorado Tech community! A big part of that will be keeping in line with the “Give First” mentality that makes the Colorado tech community a fun place to be.

Welcome to the all new ColoradoTechWeekly.com!

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