Colorado Tech Weekly #306: We’ve Got That Start-Up Mojo

Colorado Tech Weekly brings you the top 10 technology stories of the past week and the best upcoming local tech events every Monday morning!

There is a certain blind confidence to tech startups that Colorado has seemed to capture. Whether it is a small tech startup that disrupts, a large company that harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit of their employees or just our culture of continuous growth and support Colorado seems to continuously be on the winning side of innovation and I like that.

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Top Colorado Technology News

  • Longmont’s NextLight wins broadband award [BizWest]
  • Boulder-based Zayo stock on the rise amid increased talks of takeover [DBJ]
  • Colorado approves $18M in incentives to 4 companies looking to grow in Denver [DBJ]
  • ‘A no-brainer winner’: San Fransicso-based Checkr is coming to Denver hiring 1500 employees [DBJ]
  • Szczurek brings entrepreneurship to state CIO role [BizWest]
  • Douglas County’s Arrow Electronics links into Qualcomm’s smart cities effort [TechRockies]
  • JPMorgan Chase seeks to expand bank branch footprint digital-first presence in Colorado [DBJ]
  • Denver-based Galvanize names new CEO executive chairman [DBJ]
  • U.S. military looks to Colorado companies commercial services to meet growing space threat [DBJ]
  • Amazon’s 125000-square-foot LoDo lease tops Denver Q1 deals as office availability tightens [DBJ]

Top Upcoming Events

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