Colorado Tech Weekly #326: Galvanize Announces ISAs, Denver Startup Week is Just Around the Corner and This Headline Feels Too Long Now

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How do you summarize 10 articles that represent the tech news that happened in Colorado Last week in one, easy-to-read, attention-getting headline? Poorly apparently.

Denver Startup Week is a week from today and I’m excited to go. I went for the first time last year and met cool people and felt smart so I’m gonna go do it again this year. I hope to see you there!

I’m concerned about Gavlanize’s announcement of implementing ISAs (Income Sharing Agreements) for students. It feels like the kind of thing that can easily go wrong if everything is not communicated and structured absolutely correctly. I hope Galvanize and their students luck with this!

Have a great week!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Colorado’s Greystone Technology adds industry security veteran expands to NYC metro area [GreystoneTechnology]
  • Meet Google Boulder’s new site lead [DBJ]
  • Colorado positions itself to be blockchain center [BizWest]
  • Boulder-based Zayo yearly sales drop profits rise on lower operating costs [BizWest]
  • Made in Boulder, Misty robot begins shipping to crowdfund backers [InnovatioNews]
  • Carbonite CEO shares why its bringing 3 Broomfield-based Webroot leaders into its C-suite [DBJ]
  • Fort Collins-based New Century Software acquired by NJ firm [BizWest]
  • Denver’s HomeSphere announces new President and COO [HomeSphere]
  • Denver-based Galvanize announces ISAs: Students pay tuition when they’re employed [Galvanize]
  • Binance Labs leads $5.7 million Series A for Denver-based blockchain Maker Dapix [Yahoo]

Top Upcoming Events

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