Colorado Tech Weekly #350: The Last One… At Least For Scott

Colorado Tech Weekly brings you the top 10 technology stories of the past week and the best upcoming local tech events every Monday morning!

After 350 weeks in a row without a single missed week, I’m left wondering how the hell I pulled off such consistency for so long. This series has become a habit as much as anything after almost 7 years but now it’s time for me to do new things.

The point of this series was to stay informed, and help other stay informed, about the Colorado tech community. It was also a way for me to guarantee that I would continue to post new content every week to my blog at so that people would see that I was passionate about technology so they would hire me to do technology things. Then I got hired at Infinicept to do technology things in 2017 and I kept it going because I like the value that this gives to the Colorado tech community.

Then I thought I could give this series its own site and Patreon account and make some money off of it so that I could justify doing more to highlight the Colorado tech community. Then I realized I don’t enjoy doing journalism things nearly as much as I enjoy doing technology things and even though Jason Jacques supports me on Patreon (Thank you, Jason!) I’m not going to do more journalism things anyway.

So this is my last Colorado Tech Weekly post. I’ll continue sharing tech news using the CoTechWeekly Twitter account but I won’t be writing these posts anymore. I think I can add more value now by talking about more detailed software development things so I’ll post those to my blog at

Do you want Colorado Tech Weekly to continue as a weekly blog? Please reach out! I’d love to pass this off to another great member of the Colorado tech community.

Have a great week and then some!

Top Colorado Technology News

  • Broomfield’s Liqid names new strategy executive [BizWest]
  • Boulder-based Ball Aerospace-built geostationary air quality instrument launches [InnovatioNews]
  • Jefferson County-based Lockheed Martin launches most advanced mobile communications satellite [InnovatioNews]
  • With $53M at its back Golden-based autonomous tech company Outrider aims to conquer the yards [DenverPost]
  • Douglas County’s Dish reveals new details on its plan to beat out 5G incumbents [DBJ]
  • Broomfield’s Ball Aerospace launches pollution monitoring equipment [BizWest]
  • Women in CyberSecurity 2020 conference set for March 13-14 in Aurora [InnovatioNews]
  • The State of Colorado OIT [TempusNova]
  • Software company Pax8 offered $18.9M in incentives as it eyes adding 1800 jobs in Denver [DBJ]
  • Apple’s Coronavirus fears may impact Broadcom’s Fort Collins plant [BizWest]

Top Upcoming Events

Thank you for reading!

If you know of any other good news stories or sources about tech in Colorado or if you have any news stories or opinions of your own about Colorado tech, email me at!

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